Staying Fit During Thanksgiving and Avoiding Overeating.

One of my favorite food holidays is coming up. THANKSGIVING!  Of course, thanksgiving is important for many reasons – celebrating our history, our country, and giving thanks for all of the things we have.  That we have homes, families, loved ones, water, education, and probably too many toys that we don’t actually need.  Now, of course, that is all well and good and we love Thanksgiving for that.  But let’s be honest.. what do we think of when we hear the word “Thanksgiving”?


If you don’t know, let me tell you….  FOOD.  Turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes smothered in butter.  Roasted vegetables tossed in olive oil, sweet potatoes,  Dare I forget….. my absolute favorite… STUFFING. ( or dressing, however you call it!), bread rolls, sweet jello salads, and that’s just for starters.

How could I forget DESSERT? Pumpkin pie, cherry pie, whip cream, apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  Gramma’s dessert squares, pecan bars and tarts.  I’m getting a cavity just thinking about all the treats in store for us.

How are we supposed to stay on track when we have all these FOOD holidays surrounding us? Am I supposed to say NO to a second heaping plate of food on my favorite holiday?  Let me answer that for you, YES.

DO not deny yourself a nice meal on Thanksgiving. Of course not! Thanksgiving only happens once a year after all.  But it also isn’t your last meal. It will not be the last time you get to try cheesecake, so why not just choose ONE dessert instead of wolfing down 4 slices of pie and 3 different tarts because you just “HAVE TO TRY THEM BEFORE THEY ARE GONE”

You WILL survive without a third helping. What you won’t miss is having to do four times as much work to lose the weight you gained over the holidays.  It always comes back to bite you so remember before you BITE!

Allow yourself to enjoy one plate of thanksgiving dinner and your favorite dessert. Don’t overdo it.  Feel content in your belly and focus on the real meaning of Thanksgiving, being thankful that we HAVE food and that you are in control ofexercise-fitness-women your own health.  You CAN be healthy, you just need to enjoy the holiday in moderation.  The day after, you can get back into your routine.

If you have family visiting, why not suggest a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the autumn weather and the beautiful leaves.  Or get a good workout in raking the lawn.  You are blessed to have the knowledge you have and the ability to make changes in your life. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

– Sherry xoxo