My name is Sherry Samson and I’m a bubbly quirky 21 year old from South Carolina! I love relaxing in my hometown and walking my little poodle, fitness-sherrySharla.

Sharla and Sherry make a great team! We hate exercise but do it anyway so we don’t get big ol’ muffin tops! lol 🙂

Sharla’s favorite things to do are chase cats in the park, sniff other dogs, eat apples and chicken and snuggle up on the sofa with me watching reality TV!

I love going to the dog park with Sharla and hula hooping. I’m actually pretty good at it. I won a competition when I was younger, in grade 10!  I used to be a really chunky girl. People called be “chubby cake, fatty face” (kids are so creative, right?)

So I decided that things had to change and started going walking with my mom.  We would walk all around the neighborhood, greeting our friends and playing with all the dogs and cats.  I didn’t really know why we had to walk around the neighborhood TWICE or sometimes three times, but I knew that at the end my mom would take me to the park, my reward!

At the park, we would go on the swings, climb the ladders, we’d play for hours. And afterwards, mom would make me whole wheat chicken wraps (my favorite) and a fruit salad for dessert.

We started cutting down on fats, treats and carbohydrates. Not that I knew what those were back then! But a year later when I was back to school after a summer of vigorous exercise, no one called me chubby cakes anymore, or fatty face. I was slim, just like all the other girls. People treated me differently, better than before.

Much better.

I liked it but I also felt bad. Bad that the sweet cherry cheeked young me wasn’t good enough for the rest of the world as I was. That I had to conform and change in order to be accepted. It was a sad truth, and still IS a sad truth.  Of course, being healthy is important, being fit is important and eating well is too, but people don’t look down on others because they will be more likely to have heart or health problems in the future. They just shame them for the way they LOOK.  A smoker gets less hell than a chubby girl does.  It’s just sad. But true.

I encourage parents to teach their children not only to have healthy habits, but to teach their kids not to bully or treat others differently just cause they look differently.

Well, that’s all about me!  – Sherry xoxo



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