February Fitness – How to Restart your Weight Loss Resolutions

I can’t blose-weight-in-2015elieve it is already the end of January. At the beginning of January, we are determined. I found dozens of stories about weight loss goals on personal diet blogs (click here for an example) and everyone has the same story – We have these amazing goals and we are confident that this is the year that we will complete those goals. But the funny thing is, that we begin January usually at a party, drinking alcohol, eating junk food or appetizers for the holiday, but yet we seem to think that this is the year, 2015 is the year, that we will lose weight.

Unfortunately for most of us, we end up forgetting about those New Year’s resolutions after just a few days. And once we fail during those first few days, we end up in a slump. We stop trying to be healthy, and we start eating a lot of junk food, and forget exercise!

I decided to compile a list of things you can do to rejuvenate your energy that you had when he wanted to start losing weight in January.

1) Find an inspirational photo to motivate you.

This photo can be a photo of you when you were slimmer or weighed less at a certain period in your life.  They can also be a photo of someone you admire, maybe a fitness model are your favorite athlete who has the body of your dreams. Don’t just keep this photo on your computer for when you choose to look at it, make this photo visible. Make this photo a photo that you can look at in your times of weakness to give you strength. You can put this photo on your fridge or in your living room on the wall where you’d generally do your homework outs. Put the photo as your desktop picture on your computer or on your phone so you’re constantly looking at it and constantly being reminded of the body that you want to have.

2) Find a weight loss buddy.

So many people like to try to attempt to losing weight alone, and that’s admirable about. But the problem is, you are not being held accountable for your actions. When you have a friend who knows that you have weight loss goals, particularly if this is a friend that you spend a lot of time with and see often, that person will tell you when you are making bad choices. That person will recognize your weaknesses and encourage you to not buy that one kilo of chocolate covered peanuts for example. This person will keep you on track and help you meet your goals. Also try to find a workout buddy, someone who you can go to the gym with or go on runs with to make exercise not seem like such a drudgery.

3) Learn to cook foods that are healthy and delicious.

Interest is full of amazing recipes for making healthier versions of your favorite fast foods without all the extra fat and calories. Become a chef, become an expertise in cooking and in healthy cooking. That will make eating healthier food almost like a new hobby, and you will realize that your options are not just restricted to broccoli and celery. You can make cauliflower pizza, veggie egg white muffins, oatmeal cookies with Stevia and puréed pumpkin, the options are endless.
These three simple steps will hopefully help you get back on track in February. Do not wait until the first February when you can start today. Good luck and enjoy the rest of January!


Staying Fit During Thanksgiving and Avoiding Overeating.

One of my favorite food holidays is coming up. THANKSGIVING!  Of course, thanksgiving is important for many reasons – celebrating our history, our country, and giving thanks for all of the things we have.  That we have homes, families, loved ones, water, education, and probably too many toys that we don’t actually need.  Now, of course, that is all well and good and we love Thanksgiving for that.  But let’s be honest.. what do we think of when we hear the word “Thanksgiving”?


If you don’t know, let me tell you….  FOOD.  Turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes smothered in butter.  Roasted vegetables tossed in olive oil, sweet potatoes,  Dare I forget….. my absolute favorite… STUFFING. ( or dressing, however you call it!), bread rolls, sweet jello salads, and that’s just for starters.

How could I forget DESSERT? Pumpkin pie, cherry pie, whip cream, apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  Gramma’s dessert squares, pecan bars and tarts.  I’m getting a cavity just thinking about all the treats in store for us.

How are we supposed to stay on track when we have all these FOOD holidays surrounding us? Am I supposed to say NO to a second heaping plate of food on my favorite holiday?  Let me answer that for you, YES.

DO not deny yourself a nice meal on Thanksgiving. Of course not! Thanksgiving only happens once a year after all.  But it also isn’t your last meal. It will not be the last time you get to try cheesecake, so why not just choose ONE dessert instead of wolfing down 4 slices of pie and 3 different tarts because you just “HAVE TO TRY THEM BEFORE THEY ARE GONE”

You WILL survive without a third helping. What you won’t miss is having to do four times as much work to lose the weight you gained over the holidays.  It always comes back to bite you so remember before you BITE!

Allow yourself to enjoy one plate of thanksgiving dinner and your favorite dessert. Don’t overdo it.  Feel content in your belly and focus on the real meaning of Thanksgiving, being thankful that we HAVE food and that you are in control ofexercise-fitness-women your own health.  You CAN be healthy, you just need to enjoy the holiday in moderation.  The day after, you can get back into your routine.

If you have family visiting, why not suggest a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the autumn weather and the beautiful leaves.  Or get a good workout in raking the lawn.  You are blessed to have the knowledge you have and the ability to make changes in your life. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

– Sherry xoxo


I Looooove Halloween! So excited. This year I’m going as an aquarium! Wearing a cute blue dress with blue fishnet stockings. Wrapping the dress in fake seaweed, little fish and shells, and wearing pearl necklaces and earrings. It’s gonna be FAB!

The only thing I don’t like about Halloween is the temptation. I mean, I LOVE candy and sweets. But they don’t like me so much (just look at my muffin top lol)

So, I’m having a Halloween party and gonna provide a few healthy alternatives and dark chocolate instead of all the milky cheap sugar stuffed stuff!

Here are some examples of the treats I’ll have at my big partayyy!

healthy pumpkin treat

This is a crowd pleaser! Accompany the veggie tray with some low-fat ranch dip and everyone is happy!

apple bites halloween

These are cool. Just cut up some apple slices and cut the center for the mouth.  Then add some slivered almonds. YURMYYYY!  Happy Halloween y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love dessert!!

I have a huge weakness for sweets and desserts! The only problem is that they are super high calorie. These are some of my favourite sweets and treats that won’t wreck all my weight loss efforts!!

First up is this delicious blueberry ice dream.  Nothing I enjoy more than a cold sweet treat when it’s a hot day! Sadly, winter time is coming soon. 😦 Hope you enjoy it!

ice dream