I Looooove Halloween! So excited. This year I’m going as an aquarium! Wearing a cute blue dress with blue fishnet stockings. Wrapping the dress in fake seaweed, little fish and shells, and wearing pearl necklaces and earrings. It’s gonna be FAB!

The only thing I don’t like about Halloween is the temptation. I mean, I LOVE candy and sweets. But they don’t like me so much (just look at my muffin top lol)

So, I’m having a Halloween party and gonna provide a few healthy alternatives and dark chocolate instead of all the milky cheap sugar stuffed stuff!

Here are some examples of the treats I’ll have at my big partayyy!

healthy pumpkin treat

This is a crowd pleaser! Accompany the veggie tray with some low-fat ranch dip and everyone is happy!

apple bites halloween

These are cool. Just cut up some apple slices and cut the center for the mouth.  Then add some slivered almonds. YURMYYYY!  Happy Halloween y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!